Current Projects

Tibetan Children Literature

Tibetan-language picture books with fun, age-appropriate language and content designed by Tibetan authors and artists.

Children Magazine

Our bimonthly Tibetan-language children magazine informs, entertains and provides age-appropriate language for children to develop their reading skills.


Short animated read-along stories designed to engage Tibetan children in reading in the Tibetan language.artists.

Videos of Tibetan-language Classes

A series of short videos for children to learn Tibetan, accompanied by the textbooks to download. skills.

Ways to Get Involved in Tali Projects

We are able to accomplish our projects with your supports and involvement, Thank you!

  • If you like to write or illustrate children books, please send us your    work to:

  • If you want to host a fundraising event for TALI please contact

  • Donate to TALI (with donate button)

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