Welcome to TALI

The Tibetan Arts and Literature Initiative (TALI) supports projects that promote Tibetan culture and language in Tibetan areas within the People’s Republic of China. TALI is a non-profit, non-governmental organization with no political or religious affiliations. Project partners include artists, writers and educators, officials, and local community members, as well as Tibetan cultural associations and other non-governmental organizations. TALI is committed to supporting or implementing projects in the following categories: Tibetan-language children’s books; Tibetan-language children’s audiovisual materials of educational or entertaining nature; Enrichment programming aimed at promoting the early appreciation of Tibetan language, literature and the arts among Tibetan children; Short-term training for Tibetan artists, writers and educators; and Exchanges and collaboration between Tibetan artists, writers and educators and their counterparts in and outside the People’s Republic of China.

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