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Teacher Training Projects

Educators and Individuals

  • Educators willing to teach workshops 
  • Individuals willing to host fund raising events for TALI 

Supports for School & Libraries

Schools, companies or publishers

Schools, companies or publishers willing to donate book and teaching materials,

please contact us.

Educational Materials

Writers and illustrators

Writers and illustrators willing to write and illustrate books, posters or educational materials for Tibetan children.

Current Projects


Tibetan Children Literature

A series of ten early reader books

Children authors Tsering Choedron and Nangsal Tenzin Norbu have just finished a series of ten early reader books, as well as two beautiful stories for children based on the lives and habits of the black neck crane. I am copying here Tenzin and Tsechoe so they can give you a bit more information on the books they have finished (the 10 books) and the two other books they are finishing now. (Please add here the information Tenzin and Tsechoe give you). To support TALI's Tibetan Children Literature projects click here. 


Tibetan Literacy Video Project

Animated short videos based on our children book 'Little Shepherd'

TALI is collaborating with Zomshow in the creation of animated short videos based on our children book 'Little Shepherd' that both entertain and help Tibetan children acquire literacy in their own language.

Click here to watch previous video projects.


Teacher-Training Workshops 

Four teacher-training workshops in 2016

TALI had four teacher-training workshops in 2016, three happened in different parts of Amdo and two happened in Kham. TALI is is now preparing 5 more workshops to be taught in Tibetan areas in China in summer 2015. To support TALI's training of Tibetan teachers click here.