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A series of ten early reader books.

Two story Books for children based on the lives and habits of the black neck crane.

Literacy animated short videos based on our children books. 

Five workshops to be taught in Tibetan areas in China in summer 2017.

About Tali

The Tibetan Arts and Literature Initiative (TALI) supports projects that promote Tibetan culture and language in Tibetan areas within the People’s Republic of China. TALI is a non-profit, non-governmental organization with no political or religious affiliations. Project partners include artists, writers and educators, officials, and local community members, as well as Tibetan cultural associations and other non-governmental organizations. TALI is committed to supporting or implementing projects in the following categories:

  • Tibetan-language children’s books;
  • Tibetan-language children’s audiovisual materials of educational or entertaining nature;
  • Enrichment programming aimed at promoting the early appreciation of Tibetan language, literature and the arts among Tibetan children;
  • Short-term training for Tibetan artists, writers and educators; and
  • Exchanges and collaboration between Tibetan artists, writers and educators and their counterparts in and outside the People’s Republic of China.

TALI 2020 Travel Grant

Kunchok Kyid.

BA in Tibetan Literature & Linguistics by Central University for Nationalities of China;

MA in Childhood Studies by Rutgers University.

Career Vision:

Establishing a better educational environment for rural children in her native Tibet. Kunchok is the winner of a Tibetan Arts and Literature Initiative Travel Grant, which allowed her to observe K-12 schools in Austin (Texas) to learn about best teaching practices.

Anika's Craft Faire

In 2017 young entrepreneur, Anika L. (Hawaii) donated a percentage of the sales of her products to TALI to buy books for Tibetan schools. In 2016 she donated her products (colorful bracelets and creative soap bars) to be distributed for free among Tibetan children in China. TALI is very grateful to Anika and her family for their tremendous generosity and thoughtfulness.



2013 TALI Summer Montessori Training Classes

Sonom Dorji's Visit English

Sonom Dorji's Visit -Tibetan 1

Sonom's Dorji's Visit - Tibetan 2